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In order to enable the university to know you better we ask to paste or write an essay of 300 words on one of the following topics: :

- Describe your biggest achievement in any aspect of your life and the resons for this success.
- Select a current issue of national or international importance which you think will have an impact on society. Explain why.

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  • The applicant must also submit the following material :
  1. Completed application form with essay
  2. Official secondary school transcripts (In English)
  3. Certified copy of the secondary diploma with the date of completion
  4. A letter of recommendation from the school
  5. TOEFL score of 80 (Internet Based Test) or better.
    The University's TOEFL code number is 0130
  6. Non-refundable Application Fee of Swiss Francs 150.- or Euros 120 or US $ 140. (You can use the Paypal system by clicking on the link below.
  7. A copy of the passport
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