International University in Geneva
Student life on the IUG Campus ensures the experience of students is not only academic. The International University in Geneva has developed a series of sports and recreational activities accessible to students and staff of the University, as well as members of the alumni community.

 Social events, such as dinners and ski weekends, are organised with the support of the Student Council.

The University has also arranged for special student rates at nearby sports clubs, for activities such as tennis and swimming, and general fitness among others.



Social events 2018-2019

Welcome Party Event 28 September 2018

Halloween 26 October 2018

Volunteers for the UN Women Bazaar 20 November 2018


Soccer’s Team Practice

Football club Grand-Saconnex
Centre sportif du Blanché

Fridays from 14.00 to 15.30
(from May to July)

Fitness Centre

ICC Centre

Fees available at the Silhouette Fitness Centre

If you would like to find out more about events, you may contact: Nick Diehr Yeo 

  • haloween
  • Paintball
  • UN Women