L'International University in Geneva dispose d'un Conseil des étudiants fort et actif dans des domaines comme les activités sociales, le service communautaire et le plaidoyer. Des réunions hebdomadaires sont tenues pour résoudre les problèmes des étudiants et pour recommander et appliquer des changements dans l'environnement des étudiants. Les activités spécifiques comprennent la préparation du yearbook, des activités de service communautaire avec l'Organisation des Nations Unies et l'UNICEF, et des excursions culturelles en Suisse et au-delà.

Lettre du Président du Conseil des étudiants

Attending university is a big step in forging your future, therefore the place you choose as the stepping stone to transition from High School to your future profession is of great importance. The International University in Geneva is the ideal place to launch yourself into the real world and to be well prepared by the global education its fantastically qualified teaching staff provides. In the world we live in right now, full of controversy and misconceptions, the importance of the multi-cultural environment that our university offers us, the students, is truly invaluable.

Our purpose as Student Council is to facilitate the interaction between the faculty and the students. Our role is to ensure that all the students are listened to and represented. Our mission is to provide the best environment we can to everyone attending the International University in Geneva.

The Student Council is built by a strong team, focusing on key student requirements and interests. For this reason, all members have specific, assigned tasks such as: student communication, event organiser, treasurer, secretary, yearbook design and finally President and Vice-President. We host weekly meetings in order to have updated feedback from the events which we organise on a regular basis to ensure that everyone has a chance to participate to at least some of them. From the feedback we receive from our student body we adapt our events in order to ensure that we improve from our mistakes and always provide innovation with what we do.

Throughout the year we have already organised many events ranging from, the Welcome Back event in September to the IUG Halloween party, and finally our bowling tournament. In addition, we have also already scheduled the IUG ski trip in Zermatt at the end of January in order to ensure that the students coming from warmer areas of the world have the chance to experience the glorious Swiss ski slopes. All revenue from our events is being donated to charity. This year we have chosen to support Save the Children in hopes of making a difference for children suffering from global crises.

This year the Student Council has many members which had attended Model United Nations conferences in their previous High Schools and universities, and therefore we created the IUG Model U.N. team, which in March 2018 will be attending the most prestigious university level conference in the world: Harvard World Model United Nations in Panama. The best part about this is that our delegation is made by students coming from 11 different countries, which truly shows the multicultural entity of our university.

The work we have done so far can always be improved and as such we strongly encourage all students to join the Student Council so that they can add their creativity and their ideas in making this university an even better place for everyone.

Thank you.

Leonardo Giani – President Student Council 2017-2018

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