Graduate Tuition Fees 2017/2018

  Advanced Tuition Payment
Total per Course including books and supplies (3 credits)
Total tuition per trimester (CHF) Total Tuition per Program 
Full-Time or Part-Time 5,200.- 2,600.- 10,400.-
(5,200.- if 2 courses)
Note: According to Swiss Law, students requiring student permits must be enrolled on a full-time basis (4 courses per trimester).


Other Fees

Application Fee 150.- Graduation Fee 200.-
Auditing a course 1,000.- Official Transcript 10.-
Maintaining Matriculation 1,000.- Deferral exam, make-up exam 800.-
Late Registration 150.- Independent tutoring (per hour and by 350.-
Late Tuition Payment 3%
of the amount
permission only)  
Waiver Exam per Module 1,500.-    
* The advanced tuition payment  is non-refundable.