Undergraduate Tuition Fees 2017/2018


 Advanced Tuition Payment
Tuition Fee per Course including books and supplies (3 credits), (CHF)  Total per Trimester
Total per Year
(based on 5 courses per trimester including books and supplies) (CHF)
4,600.- 2,300.- 11,500.- 34,500.-

- According to Swiss Law, students requiring student permits must be enrolled on a full-time basis (5 courses per trimester).
- Students enrolled in the Bachelor Program in Business Administration in cooperation with Plymouth University will be required to pay an additional fee of 9'000 CHF for the 3rd year only.


Other Fees (CHF)

Application Fee 150.- Waiver Exam Fee 950.-
Auditing a course 1,000.- Graduation Fee 200.-
Maintaining Matriculation 1,000.- Official Transcript 10.-
Late Registration 150.- Independent Tutoring (per hour and by 350.-
Late Tuition Payment 3% of the amount permission only)  
Deferred Final 500.-    
 * The Advanced Tuition Payment is not refundable.